Use of the Internet and Social Media presence within my practice.

In order to get my work seen, I have created a number of social media accounts that I regularly post on as well as a website and youtube where I publish my videos.

These will allow people to follow my work in the making process, they can follow the progress of myself and any work they may purchase. As well as giving a client the ability to view the creation of their own bespoke item documented on my sites.

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Final Curation of the Show.

Now the work is reaching completion. I am able to design plinth sizes, where I would place the objects and how I will arrange them in the sorted space.

As i am assorted a centre space during the exhibition, I will have to think of my work in a 360. how the view will see my work from each angle, how I can keep them moving and see more, also what is hidden when looked at each position.

I will also be displaying my work on top of each other and in impractical positions in order to best show off the pattern and concept, as well as different heights.


Earthenware Set.

In order to make my designs and outcomes appeal to a larger audience with a lower price range, I have also produced a set of earthenware items. These are glazes with the same black glaze as the porcelain but give a different effect due to the change in the clay body, with no black body stain the white shows through. I have also applied a Clear glaze on the interior of the bowls mixing with the black glaze exterior.  I feel that the black highlights the pattern and design of the bowl where the white inside displays a clean fresh appearance for the food; whilst framing the food in black.

I have experienced crazing in these bowls and glaze has been removed fro the outside due to it being applied to pieces already fired to 1060. My finger when loading the kiln has removed the glaze in areas. This is something I recognise and would rectify in the future.


Final Exhibition Video

In order to show off all the editions of the promotional video series, I had to make them into one complete cohesive video Including the new footage of the final outcomes. I’m very pleased with the overall aesthetic and feel fo the video, that I believe promotes my work professionally.

This video will be played on a mac screen inset into the plinth alongside the work.


3D printing Porcelain.

Once I had figured out how to use and adapt the files for the SLA printer. I was able to trial run the printer. Using a blank cartridge, I was able to trick the and manually fill the tank with the Porcelite mixture.

The first trial has gone great although it did stop half way overnight due to an error notification, leaving a seam line. Although I’m really excited to fire and see the final result.

The outcomes are to be fired to 1150 and said to shrink between 14 – 17.5% although I will have to measure and document my findings.

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