Curing and firing of Printed Porcelain.

Once printed the prints was said to be put in a UV box, treating the resin and solidifying the form. This process discolours the white prints to a cream colour but it didn’t feel much different to the touch, retaining a tacky/ slimy residue on the surface.

when it the kiln I placed it inside a crack tray and silica sand protecting the kiln. On reflection, I believe I should have supported the structure better and not placed it on the base plate supports. As once opened the form had completely broken down. The layer of the print was visibility parting to allow gases out, the form was very light and also fragile. I think the kiln was fired too quickly between 100-500, burning the resin way too fast and breaking the form apart.

This process would need extensive research and testing put into it, this is something I would be interested in continuing in the future and producing cutting edge work in new and up and coming processes.



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