Earthenware Set.

In order to make my designs and outcomes appeal to a larger audience with a lower price range, I have also produced a set of earthenware items. These are glazes with the same black glaze as the porcelain but give a different effect due to the change in the clay body, with no black body stain the white shows through. I have also applied a Clear glaze on the interior of the bowls mixing with the black glaze exterior.  I feel that the black highlights the pattern and design of the bowl where the white inside displays a clean fresh appearance for the food; whilst framing the food in black.

I have experienced crazing in these bowls and glaze has been removed fro the outside due to it being applied to pieces already fired to 1060. My finger when loading the kiln has removed the glaze in areas. This is something I recognise and would rectify in the future.



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