Design Ideas on Multifunctional and cultural Tableware

When Designing my tableware I wanted to take inspiration from existing tableware and different cultures, looking at how the function and how they are used. This would make it more appealing for future restaurants and mixed cultures. 18452432_10155452972145815_1773812016_o

When designing a metal stand for the ceramic, it could be used as a decorative stand for a centrepiece, encouraging sharing and a social dining experience. This would be decorative when the circular band is on the table.


When the base is inverted, the plate is raised higher and standing on four legs. This would allow the centre bowl to be heated from underneath by candle or other means of heating, keeping food warm. This is inspired by eastern cultures dining style. 18519084_10155452972110815_728865541_o

The Stand would also allow chopstick to be inserted, holding the cutlery in place as a decorative feature as well as functional. This would also hold multiple chopsticks for multi people dining. 18472209_10155452972250815_574714826_o18452626_10155452972105815_1561215989_o

The bowls and plate would fit together and this is act as a cloche, covering the food and retaining the heat with the thick ceramic. This would also resemble the Moroccan ceramic tagine, although with the cut CNC pattern it would be grippy and tactile to hold/ remove.


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