After having the Christmas break, I was able to come back to my project with fresh eyes and ideas. This blog post will cover the images that have informed my ideas and the changes that will be made.

The main change Of ideas will be the 3D printed base. That will be made with a multi-functional aspect, allowing the bowls to be changes and swapped, as well as exploring 3D printing in a wax filament that to produce the tree.

The Clay body will also be changed. not only will it be black porcelain but it will now contain a fine grog to add texture. This grog will have to be made by hand and added to the slip after firing.

The images below show a number of ceramic pieces with the texture I am hoping to achieve. As well as other pieces that i find interesting.


Takaski Endo


Penelope Withers

Nurbs by Mauro Rubio


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