Disaster Strikes

So I managed to cover a shelf in molten ceramics, devastate the inner brick wall and almost break the elements of the test kiln. Turns out what I thought was stoneware slip… was actually earthenware, which melts to a runny puddle at 1280. The worry of my glazes running was soon surpassed but the realisation that the clay body melted, which the silica sand, crack shelves and all other precisions seem to be futile against.

My pot seemed to melt and make its way steadily down the side of the kiln, missing everything else in the small place; which in a small miraculous act left my work untouched. In a way I had wished for my work to have taken the brunt of the damage as I could make it again and may have learnt from the tests regardless. Instead I will just have to pay for the damages and learn from the mistake.15224695_10154879153015815_1851143793_o15224724_10154879152965815_1977537404_o15205827_10154879153350815_848503575_o


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