Slip casting and material tests.

Starting with testing my moulds and how well they would release, I used Stoneware slip. This also romped some of the smaller loose parts of plaster in my mould that I couldn’t clean away with a brush.

Own I had used my mould twice, both to a successful outcome. I spoke to Matt about how I would achieve a black body clay and what was the best material to use. He told me that we could stain porcelain black with a number of oxides or ready-made stain, I was keen to try this and see the finished colour the fired.

Starting at 5% stain, I would be able to experiment with casting in porcelain, as it is a lot faster drying, as well as produce some material test tiles.

In making material test tiles I would be able to see the colour change from biscuit fired to high fired. Produce a number of place testes and compare them to my raw material colour, as well as know if the amount of stain was enough, if not increase the amount to 8%, 10% or even 15% which I believe will be unnecessary due to black satins potency.

My apprehension with using porcelain was shrinkage, which will make my work harder with scaling and producing thing that fit together. Yet I feel it will give my work a luxury quality, something I want to achieve. 15205594_10154861223340815_1496263565_o15215723_10154861223395815_1744707897_o15215676_10154861223235815_42512390_o


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