Rhino 3D modeling

These selection of images are small tasks and ideas I have come up with on rhino, using the software to explore shape and form as well as copy and replicate vessels from books.

through copying existing vessels and forms I hope to improve my skills on rhino and be inspired by the mixing and altering of archetypal forms in ceramics.

In these selection, there is a design of a teacup. This explored the way I could produce a piece that would fit together and have two materials that interlocked to produce a unique and functional piece. This idea of materials that come together is something I am keen to explore and not in a way that jeopardises the function of the piece. Something that could only be achieved with the proaction and accuracy of digitally made pieces. These ideas also feature in the form lids and outside surfaces of bowls.

the last few images so a small sugar bowl that has a lid and spoon. where a design feature would be that the interlocking quality of the lid and bowl wouldn’t be jeopardised when the spoon was in side. something i am keep to explore is outsourcing processes of casting cutlery through 3D printing, although I couldn’t model and accurate spoon shape, this will need practise and maybe looking at scanning existing spoons.


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