Parametric Jewellery design.

Parametric Design has influenced Jewellery design and Architecture predominantly, yet this hasn’t been explored in other areas and integrated into other materials with cast metal. This is something i would like to explore using my knowledge of 3D modeling and casting in Bronze and Pewter.

Below is also a selection of CNC surface designs and pattern. This again is a process I could explore in ceramics in an attempt to modify and update a traditional hand-based craft with modern technology and digital skills applied to making. screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-15-24-25screen-shot-2016-04-29-at-18-50-27screen-shot-2016-04-29-at-18-48-46tumblr_o33tckrzip1uka6qlo1_1280voxelization3d-printed-gold-ring-designed-by-lovegrove1-1202-1417079763-parametric-walls-001_mark_foster_gage_11


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