Alex McCarthy

Like any skilled ceramicist, British artisan Alex McCarthy understands the delicate balance between creative interference and the beauty of natural chance. Contrasting carefully hand-shaped, elegant silhouettes with naturally cracked surfaces and freely flowing trickles of metallic paint, the result is part refined, part rustic.

He knew he wanted to specialise in ceramics and so came to Cardiff School of Art and Design to study a BA Hons degree specifically in ceramics then graduating with a first, propelling him to success.


His inspiration comes from all that is around him, mostly for their textural qualities. Anything from coarse brickwork, tree bark, road and path surfaces, but also ranging towards marine life and anything in between. The forms of his work are almost of second importance. Unlike my own practise, I love that he uses simple archetypal ceramic profiles that lend themselves to having a high level of texture.

I aim to take inspiration from his work in capturing digital texture and explore surface effects in ceramics as well as his use of lustres that radiate luxury and wealth.



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