Zachary Eastwood – bloom

Zachary Eastwood – bloom, is a digital artist and creates work through scanning, printing and CNC machining into materials. His work is predominantly sculptural and span over a mass use of materials. The sculptures below were created from 3D scans of Greek vases in the British Museum, manipulated digitally and emailed to North America where they were 3D printed without the artist seeing the finish pieces before the exhibition opened.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

He is currently working on a collaborative project making a table with an Italian marble carving company, Torart in Carrara. The finished table will be limited edition in polished black marble.


These are also some of his work, where he has inc machined into alabaster stone and manipulated the classical form of greek sculpture into a new piece.


This digital aesthetic is something I would like to achieve in my tableware through the use of modern manufacturing techniques and my skills on computer modelling software.





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