Tiles Chair by Jonas Søndergaard Nielsen

Designed by Søndergaard Nielsen, Tile chair is a unique looking chair made from separate components that together create a flexible structure to comfort the user.This chair has upholstery applied to the front side from kvadrat, with back walnut veneer used for its underside. The aim of this project was to come up with a shape that is able to achieve a level of flexibility to offer optimal comfort along with structural strength. The form is held together using a piece of fabric between the upholstery and the decorative tiles on the backside. This hinged like structure gives the chair exceptional flexibility. The Interior is padded with Harlequin pattern which makes the chair fit well the user’s body. This co-use of a pattern to enhance the function and purpose of a piece is something I can learn from and why I consider this piece as successful as well as the use of two materials working together. I am also a fan of the diamond and geometric pattern.



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