Ralf Holleis – Ultralight Custom Track Bike With 3D Printed Lugs

European product designer Ralf Holleis created this stunning super lightweight track bike using 3D printing technology. The VRZ 2’s 3D printed lugs are made from titanium alloy and the bike’s frame is made from ultralight dry-carbon tubes. The bike also features ultralight wheels, a THM crankset, and a noiseless belt-drive – all of which add up to an incredibly light weight of 4.9 kg.

Holleis’ VRZ 2 bike sheds light on how much work is actually required to create a perfect 3D printed product. His process isn’t the most straightforward, but it can be used to create custom frames in a short period of time. Anyone interested in replicating his process can change the bike’s geometry to suit their own specifications, after which a piece of software will generate the lugs. These pieces are produced through the process of lasercusing, and then the printed parts are finished and bonded to the tubes.

This interests me due to the method of making and how the printing of objects in a metal alloy has been used in the making of products. I actually viewed this bike i the design museum, London. In all of the bicycle exhibition, this one spoke to me and my practise although all the makers shared the values of materiality and allowing the function and materials speak for themselves and not over complicating the design.



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