One week project – Small Bowl model

In responce to the images and pieces i had looked at over the summer, i wanted to create a piece that was functional, digital and 3D modelled, multi material and something that featured a perforated surface. I decided to make a small bowl that could then be expanded into tableware and a concept idea for my project.


I began on Rhino, modelling a bowl shape that would be stable and interlock with the rim. I planned that the centre of the bowl would be made from wood that I had scrap, which i believe to be oak. Using the CNC miller to produce, allowing a accurate scape model.


The outer rim would be 3D printed as it had a slight bend in the shape. This made it a tricky form to print as it was so fine and delicate, but i was successful when printed face down. This was due to a larger surface area in contact to the bed.


Once completed, i had to hand finish the two pieces, sanding and remove some plastic with a scalpel. I then would like to expand this idea into electroplating the 3D printed element. To simulate this, i sprayed the print with bronze metallic spray.



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