Marmotrilogy‬ Collection by Moreno Ratti

Designer Moreno Ratti who is specialized in working and designing with marble, further explores this material in his MarmoTrilogy Collection. This collection consists of vessels made from white Cararra marble and suspended in  clear resin. Typically Resin is used to harden the materials, in this project it makes the base of the rounded marble vessels and somehow preserves and holds the marble vase in addition to the suspension illusion it creates.

Marmotrilogy is a very ambitious project which opens the door to do research on the potential of the hybrid materials, in this case resin and marble and some of its most unexpected applications.
The design is just the spark from which then arises the phase of research, design and development which makes the outcome even more exceptional and unique.

These vessels are successful in the combination of materials and how they have managed to achieve crystal clear resin, free of bubbles. I really like how they are so clear that the internal vessel gives the appearance its floating in space. I Like the clean and neutral colours as well as how the combination and relationship between organic curves is contained in a sharp clear cube.



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