Beate Gegenwart – Translating between the lines

Beate, originally from Germany, has lived and worked in Wales for 37 years during which time she has dedicated her time to supporting the Applied Arts in Wales through her teaching and curatorial work. She continues to push her professional practice forward and explore materials and processes that excite and challenge. Beate has been working on a major new set of inter-related artworks that make links to cloth, the body, movement, the small wearable and to architectural space. Working predominantly in metal and vitreous enamel Beate also has a great interest in cross-disciplinary ways of working. The Makers Guild in Wales are delighted to be launching Beate’s exhibition at Craft in the Bay.

These pieces are not functional objects and its purpose is as a display in visual gallery. These pieces are of interest to me as it uses the process of 3D printing and cutting into precious metals. These pieces are made of silver and stainless steal, both materials i will be looking at in the feature and sending away my designs to manufacture. I really like the effect of perforation in a piece as it allows a design to have an overall form with detail and texture. It also lowers the overall weight and material cost although these could be held in the hand. I would be interested in knowing the method and concept behind these pieces further but sadly they lacked individual descriptions and explanations, maybe this was the intention and its for the view to come up there own ideas of its meaning.



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